High-Performance Testbenches

  • Upto 100x faster than SystemVerilog
  • Native Data Types -- Zero DPI Overhead
  • Multicore-Concurrent Constraint Solvers
  • Parallelized UVM Base Class Library
  • UVM IEEE 1800.2-2020 Compliant
  • Cloud Friendly -- Opensource Tooling
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RISC Processor Verification

  • RISCV-DV Covering all 1400 Instructions
  • Covers all Ratified and Unratified Extns
  • Highly Structured and Customizable
  • Generates Binary Dump Directly
  • HPC-Powered, Multicore-Enabled
  • Completely Opensource and Free
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Hardware/Software Coverification

  • Randomize TLM2 Payloads Natively
  • Run UVM Testbench on Embedded Boards
  • Make Native OS Calls from Testbench
  • Embed SW Drivers into UVM Testbenches
  • Qemu-Driven Hardware Verification
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FPGA-Powered Co-Emulation

  • The World's Fastest HPC-Powered UVM
  • 360 Degrees Portable Stimulus
  • Zero Overhead C/C++ ABI Compatibility
  • Pass UVM Stimulus Directly to FPGA
  • Execute UVM Testbench on an SoCFPGA
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